All about us!


Coytani Umble, please acknowledge me as Lexxi Charm. Born in Clarksville, Tennessee, raised in Athens, Georgia area, and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 2011. I'm retired with over ten years in the dental field as an Orthodontic Technician and Insurance Adjuster. 


My specialty is building confidence in others; I like to refer to myself as the Oprah Winfrey of building confidence; I was once 319 pounds, which created LexxiCharm, who I am now. I created this brand LexxiCharm and other tools to achieve a better you successfully; the website is www.


The Charm Agency Inc., will house all different of brands. We now have a talent agency where we train them to present themselves with good equities and what that shall look like in various industries. 


Founder of A Charming Change Foundation, where we help families raising kids that aren't their biological children. Growing up, my sister was always on drugs, and we took in all three of her kids with no assistance. Not cause we didn't want it or thought we were better, but the state requires so much information for a little to no help. So this foundation is for my niece and nephew.


My vision to create a  safe space where we are all helping each other. We should be a mob for the betterment of our culture. We welcome you all!

All about us!